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An HEC CHIP EFIE DCP is important and absolutely necessary for injector vehicles, to get the total fuel saving results you are looking for.

Since most of the cars today are equipped with an ECU (Bord computer) and therefor different sensors to regulate the air/fuel ratio, you need to

"help" the electronics when using HHO supplementary in your vehicle. 

This board capable to modify the following signals:

-Dual Narrow band oxygen sensors

-Dual Wide band oxygen sensors

-Analoge 0-5V MAP sensor signal

-IAT sensor

-CTS sensor


-Required supply voltage: 10-30V DC

-Controll knob: precise 20 turn potentiometer

-Turning on delay time: 30 seconds turn on delay

-Narrow band input voltage: 0 - 0.9V

-Wide band input current: 0 - 3mA

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HEC CHIP EFIE DCP for HHO with temperature sensor Save Fuel

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