Can I save fuel 20-40%? Yes, I can! But with hho gas only!

CNN Device Turns Water To Fuel with Increase mileage up to 40%

CNN: Fuel saving up 42% - FOX, ABC, KTSM9, Reuters

25% Fuel Save Test Result HONDA CR-V 2.0 L HHO kit


35% Fuel Save Test Result for Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.1 Diesel

37% Fuel saving Jeep 3.1L TD combined 7.4 L/100KM 38 MPG/UK


33% Fuel saving Grand Cherokee WJ city 24 MPG, 9.7 L/100KM


42% Fuel Save Test Result HONDA CRV 2.0, 5.8 L/100Km was 10L !!!


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